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Top 15 Back to School Items Your Child Needs


Top 15 Back to School Items Your Child Needs

Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box

Keep your little ones food nice and organized with this traditional bento including silverware, four containers and a lunch box. Not only is it sturdy but it is easy to open for those little hands.

Re-Usable Notebook

Instead of buying multiple notebooks this year and continuing to waste paper, why not try out the new Rocketbook, an erasable & re-usable notebook. It also allows you to scan a QR code of the page and upload it digitally onto any device.

This Tupperware keeps food cold!

Send your kids to school with food that can be kept COLD with this tupperware that has a removable ice pack. Not only does it keep food cold it is dishwasher-safe, leakproof, and has a portion perfect meal tray.

Motivational Pencils

Times are tough for kids now, so send them to school with a motivational reminder when they are hard at work and need it most with these pencils that remind your kid how special they are.

Kindle Paperwhite

This is the age where kids will develop a love for reading, so why not enhance it with a kindle paperwhite, allowing all their favorite books to be easily stored and transported with them wherever they go so they are always ready to read.

Complete Compass Set

From arts and crafts to geometry, this set will have all the tools your child needs like protractors, compasses, rulers, set squares, pencils and more.

UV Light Phone Sanitizer

Phones are crawling with germs (even the poop kind) and it becomes even worse when your kid is at school too. Keep your family clean and healthy with this phone sanitizer that is clinically proven to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Getting children to drink water and stay hydrated is hard enough. But now with these stylish stainless steel bottles kids will love to show off to their friends while keeping you happy that they are hydrated.

Big Monster Pencil Case

This fun and interesting pencil case will be the last one your kid ever needs. It fits all the essentials you need and upward of 50 pencils.

Mini Highlighters

These highlighters may be mini but they last just as long as regular sized ones but have brighter colors and are more interesting making it the perfect tool to use when marking important notes.

Sketch Pads

If this is your kids first year taking an art class make sure they are prepared with the best, a sturdy, reliable paper to release their creativity onto. 

Stain Remover

One guarantee with kids being back to school is them coming home with stains on their newly purchased clothes, be prepared this time with Oxi-Clean stain remover pens, the go-to instant stain removal stick.

Gel Pens

This huge set of 120 gel pens includes every color you could want (or need) and are perfect for taking notes with the bright colors... or just drawing in general.

Hand Sanitizer

With the amount of germs going around nowadays, prepare your child to keep those hands germ free and smelling good with this 12 pack of premium hand sanitizer.

Fine-Point Sharpies

Last but not least, Sharpies are a staple point and necessity for any back to school shopping list, but now made with a fine point for more versatility.

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