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Before and After
Boudoir Photo Shoot Transformations

I’ve added “before and after” Boudoir looks to feature the transformation from Everyday Beauties to Boudoir Bombshells!

All women deserve a day of pampering and celebrating their sexy side with their own photo shoot! This page is to show you that our clients are everyday babes like you and me. They're excited to share their experience with you in the hopes of inspiring you!

Let us unveil your inner goddess with the ultimate self-love Boudoir experience! We are Miami's All Inclusive Luxury Boudoir Studio.

Mrs. M

What was your biggest fear in doing the Miami Boudoir photo shoot? 

My biggest fear was seeing the final product. I was scared to see myself in such an unfiltered way. I was so insecure about seeing cellulite and scars. But when I saw the final shots I was in awe. The crazy part is Nikki didn't hide them she exposed them and I fell in love with myself. The shots were too beautiful to deny flaws and all.


What personal note would you like to add?

If you're thinking about doing a boudoir shoot I would totally recommend you do it with Nikki. Nikki has a way of creating this fun and flirty environment where you can be yourself and express your inner supermodel. It's truly a magical experience!

Mrs. A


What was your favorite part about the Miami Boudoir photo shoot?

My favorite part was actually seeing the pictures for the first time. The anticipation of waiting for the pictures builds up. Then, you see them, and you’re blown away with Nikki’s great work! In some pictures, I couldn’t even believe it was me! 

What is the reason you would recommend doing a boudoir shoot?

Well, my best friend actually recommended Nikki to me! Nikki is so sweet and kind. She makes you feel so comfortable and like you have known her for years. I would say do a boudoir shoot! Not for anyone but for yourself! It’s a self-esteem boost! It’s a day to get glammed and feel sexy in your skin! Pamper yourself! It makes you feel like a celebrity! Then see your pictures and marvel at how beautiful you look! It’s so worth it! And, you’re going to want to cover all your walls with prints of your boudoir shoot!

Mrs. K


Tell us about your Miami Boudoir experience?

Every woman needs to do this at least once in their life. It’s such a weird thing to see yourself from the outside, see yourself in a different light, to be on the other side of the lens and to see you are beautiful. But I worked hard for this body and, even though it’s far from perfect, I felt flawless and beautiful. This was exactly what I needed. I can’t thank you enough, Nikki. Every single image is gorgeous. You are truly talented. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and beautiful. And, special thanks to Roxy for hair and makeup!

Mrs. A


Google Review

Nikki is an amazing photographer! She is all about empowerment and accentuating the beauty in every woman. She will instantly make you feel comfortable in a the new environment, and gives direction really well to help your and her vision come to life! Definitely a must have experience!